Fellows Steve B., Lynn R., Sharon, Chris, Sam, Cindy, Kathy, Sandee, Kevin, April and I spent a day at KSC in Orlando, Florida for a workshop and tour of the center, Thank you April for putting together this cool visit. In the workshop we were introduced to the Educator Resource Center, educational materials, the digital learning network, the NASA App for smartphones and tablets http://www.nasa.gov/connect/apps.html, a must have for STEM educators. We were also challenged by Jennifer H., Education Specialist who led the workshop at KSC Educator Resource Center, to design and build a thrust support system. I had done this activity with many of students when I had an elective class. Each Fellow submitted their designs to a rigorous test and, I must confess, mine was the lightest and strongest of all. If any other Fellows want to contest this, demand evidence; by the way, hearsay does not count.

We toured the center, watched wild life such as egrets, turtles crossing the road, bald eagles, manatees, crocodiles; it’s the wild side of NASA, almost as if we had been in a national wildlife refuge. Maybe we were, check out Merritt Island NWR. We visited the launch control center, role played launch director, climbed launch pad 39A (while no one was looking), practiced the astronauts emergency zip line exit from the launch pad tower, talked to a crabonaut, touched a moon rock, went into the cockpit of shuttle Altantis! (no photos were allowed here, it is not officially opened yet) and much more.



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