Superstorm Sandy blew over and Goddard Space Flight Center and Greenbelt, Maryland, where the center is located fared pretty well compared to other areas such as New York and New Jersey. On Monday and Tuesday Goddard was on code red and only emergency personnel were allowed. The lights in my apartment flickered throughout Monday evening but I never lost power. The stores on Sunday were almost out of water, but I was able to buy a gallon and three one liter bottles. In my jog on Tuesday I saw lots of leaves accumulated on the ground and branches scattered throughout.  We dodged a colossal monster; we've finally got to go back to work yesterday.  



11/02/2012 12:47pm

What do you call a Cow with a twitch.....beef jerkey
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your sexy and smart
love you
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12/22/2012 10:58am

Have a wonderful holiday season whoever you are.


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