No, no isn’t England; it is where we met with some teachers from Maryvale Preparatory School in Baltimore, Maryland. It reminded me of Cambridge University St. John’s College. It is known as the Castle modeled after the Warwick Castle in Great Britain. The Gothic arched windows are astounding. It is part of a beautiful campus. As part of NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, Eleni and I are working with the school to see how NASA Viz apps can be adapted for use in the classroom. All the students at the school have iPads. Check the apps out for yourself at http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/nasaviz/index.html they have incredible stories and videos based on real data. The stories are grouped according to topics such as Earth Sciences, Planets and Moons, Heliophysics and the Universe. One of my favorites is called ‘Shields Up’ which is part of the ‘dynamic earth: exploring earth's climate engine’ movie and if you’re looking at the water cycle check out ‘Up, Up and Away.’ There are over 200 stories and two brand new stories are released every week.


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